130x200mm Kraft (Brown) Paper Zip Lock Stand Up Pouch x 10


130x200mm Kraft (Brown) Paper Zip Lock Stand Up Pouch

zip lock and heatseal if required

Typical Usage Applications
Our Kraft Paper Stand Up Pouches are perfect for the storage of liquid/solid food and non-food items, such as:

Food based liquids such as Soups, Gravies and Sauces
Powders and Granules such as coffee, tea, sugar and salts
Chemical Products such as motoring fluid and cleaning products
Snacks and Confectionery such as sweets, toffees, crisps, popcorn and nuts
Human Foodstuffs
Pet Foods
Fishing Baits
Microwaveable Foods.

Tear Notches

Enables easy opening of packaging without using scissors

Zip Lock

Provides a cost effective resealable closing mechanism that has benefits for the end user

Product Window

Provides better retail presentation and allows the consumer to view the product prior to purchase