CBD oil for Pets 10ml


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CBD oil 

CBD Oil  is something we feel passionate about. This pet-friendly CBD oil from our E.U range is a
CBD oil specially designed for your pet’s consumption. We know that animals (such as cats and dogs)
experience the health and well-being benefits that are associated with CBD products. For instance, as a dog
owner, Bonfire night can be the worst time of the year when the loud bangs frighten the animal. Not only that,
but pets also suffer from chronic pain conditions and seizures (believe it or not, CBD oil for dog seizures is
said to be a very effective coping strategy). Therefore, we thought it would only be fair to get serious about
CBD products for pets

What is Different About CBD For Pets?

The pet-friendly CBD oil product is easier and more enjoyable for your pet to take than traditional CBD oil
which is designed for human consumption. The recipe of CBD Oil for Pets is based on our proven CBD
extract, supplemented with the highest possible quality pure salmon oil rich with natural vitamins, minerals
and Omega fatty acids. What Cat or Dog doesn’t love Salmon oil? Alongside the ingredient changes the CBD
concentration is specially adjusted for pets.

Ingredients: Hemp extract and high-grade salmon oil, contains 200mg of CBD.

When Using CBD for Pets

Usage: Always before using CBD for pets, shake well before use. We suggest that one drop per 5kg of body
weight, 3 times daily will show the best results. Like anything, it is valuable to start with small dose and find
out what is best for your pet.

The Flora-Fusion CBD oil for pets has about 240 drops per bottle.