Dried Duck Wings (200g, 500g, 1kg)



Duck Wings

  • High fat protein
  • Promotes energy
  • Good source of calcium
  • Helps support muscle growth  

Dehydrated Duck Wings are a high-fat protein source which promote more energy from your dog and aid in healthy weight distribution. Dehydrated Duck Wings are all-natural bone-in treat that is durable against your dog's bite, only breaking off into safe smaller chewable pieces. It is the single-ingredient without chemical, preservatives and additives that you and your dog's both benefit from.

Health Benefits:

  • Growing dogs require calcium phosphate which is primarily found in animal bones
  • Excellent source of chondroitin (sulfated glycosaminoglycan) for bone and joint health
  • Great source of amino acids which help support muscle growth
  • Bone can be used as a dietary aid to help dogs feel full without unnecessary calories
  • Is rich in iron and gives a lean, ready to digest protein source
  • Duck is known for dogs to be an aid in food sensitivities or food allergies


  • Natural duck wings