Natural Loss - Fat Burner


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100% Natural Fatburners containing Guarana, Stevia, Cayanne, Siberian Ginseng and Green Tea in capsule form (veg capsules suitable for vegans)

Fat Burners boost the bodies energy levels and persuade the body to spare the glucose but burn the fats for fuel. As with all weight loss suppliments you need to exercise more, this is where fat burners come into their own. Even if it is just walking the dog, fat burners will start to burn the fats by up to 43% more according to tests recently done in New Jersey USA.

The Guarana is also a stimulant, so this will help give you the get up and go especially if the first capsule is taken first thing with your morning cuppa, Guarana also helps suppress appetite. A month Long Course (28 days) is112 capsules (2 capsule 2 x daily)