Application will be dependent on the desired effect of the product and the product should be pre-diluted using the information supplied.

Kennel / Cattery Cleaner, Disinfectant & Deodoriser

A powerful cleaner, disinfectant and deodoriser, effectively destroying a wide spectrum of bacteria, fungi and viruses at the source. 
It eliminates odours and leaves a fresh fragrance.

Safe to use on all water washable surfaces such as floors, walls, cages,  feeding bowls, bedding, toys, runs, yards, carpets, toilets and drains.

Unlike conventional disinfectants it will not cause detrimental effect to animals and is safe to use around them. This means there is no need to re rinse the treated area

Ideal for usage in Kennels and catteries to control:
Canine Parvo-virus (type 2),  Feline Calici virus and kennel cough etc. Also effective against H1N1 Swine-flu,  Newcastle disease, TB, Avian Inflenza Virus and foot & mouth etc..

This Is a fantastic product which gives a really strong scent, cleaning and disinfecting is a breeze for Fresh 365's Pet friendly range of cleaning products.
choose from , BABY POWDER , LEMON , BUBBLE GUM , CHERRY just write your choices in the comments box at check out, although we do reserve the right to substitue scents if a particular one is out of stock at time of ordering
You will not be disappointed with this product