Founded by Darren Gallagher FHR (183/2005)

RO4 Manufacture Reg no: GB1769

Nature has always had its own medicine, and herbs have been used medicinally by animals since life began. There are a lot of safe herbs, some are used on a regular, long term basis as herbal tonics, and others can be used as and when needed to treat a particular problem.

No medical claims are made for any of the products, they are all 100% natural made from herbs. My products are remedies not medicines


We use couriers and the cost is GBP£5.35 up to 2 kg and GBP£7.50 over up to 5kg. For parcels over 5kg, we search for the best deal of the day.

If you are outside the UK, please email for postage costs before placing an online order as these will be dependent on weight and destination.

Please allow working 10 days from the date of order for delivery.