Mel Rennison....
Before and after with dermo shampoo slowly getting there dog is allergic to everything. .so nice to see shiny coat coming back - this was one bath a week for three weeks..........thanks

Marcelle Shulver‎ ............
Just to show how the tear stain eye drops are working on my little girl. Here is a pic to show the different in two weeks. Starting week 3 tomorrow. Thank you for a fantastic product. Have recommended to others and will post on Lilly's Facebook page as well. Thank you Darren

Before and after using Dermo really works.

Yvette Tyler...There are ten dogs in my house, unfortunately fireworks have started early, Halloween barely over and there are loud bangs outside. It has been known for me to be wearing at least two of my dogs at the sound of this, and the others to all be very unsettled. Normally time for tele up loud and radio on as well! However this year I have Darren Gallagher's Fenland Foragers Pet Calmer tincture. There might be ten dogs here, but you could hear a pin drop in my house, dogs all laying down and totally chilled out.

Thanks Darren

Mandy Button... (Vitamin E eye creme) " I have used this eye cream , for a week now an I can see the difference, brill

Emma Wright... (Rosehip Excema Salve) "After trying 4 different creams from the doctors, I had some rosehip salve for my little boy who suffers Eczema and dermatitis, it has worked wonders!! The redness has gone and it's drying up nicely. Would definitely recommend it to anyone that suffers with skin complaints!"

Sal Thomas... (Healing salve) "Many thanks, wouldn't use anything else now"

Paul Willmott... (Sleep Tincture) " Kim couldn't wake me up"

IIona Hodes... The rosehip stuff is great. Heals broken skin reeeeely fast.

Ilona Hodes.... Well for the first time in in 5 years ... all 3 cats not swiping at each other as soon as they come in. Thankyou. PET CALMING TINCTURE

Snweta Naik...."Very happy with Move Well - really works - can now walk down the stairs without my knees hurting. It has also helped ease the pain from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in both hands :-) "

Dee West....Have used several products... all of which I love. Recommend the eye drops, cracked heal balm, thread vein balm and the recently received nappy cream which you only need the smallest amount. Friends are also pleased with wart balm and cold sore solution. Brilliant site, fabulous products. Thank you from a very happy customer

Gill Hughes....... Soaps are simply amazing - Ear Tar had excellent results from this with Springer Spaniel, worked in two days, no redness, no smell, no itch,

Julie Growcott........ Sleep Tincture works great, first nights sleep in 15 years without a prescription sleeping tablet, and the loofah soaps are just fab too..thank you.

This is Gator my American bulldog, he has a chronic ear problem,one of his ears builds up yeast very quick, it needs looking after and cleaning on a weekly basis if left untreated for more than 2 weeks he ends up with a ear infection, he has not had one since I took him to the vet the first time for this issue because I keep it clean.

Well I decided to give Darren's ear tar a try, in hopes it would slow down the growth of the yeast in that one ear..listen when I tell you I am not fooling I am very serious, one treatment 6 drops 5 days later no yeast, last night 2 drops and will continue with the 2 drops every 3 days for another week or so..UNBELIEVABLE ! it didn't slow down the growth it stopped it !! thank you Darren for your hard work and dedication,this product works better than expensive medication from the Vet....WOW im amazed ! sincerely Kimberlyshane

My dog was shaking like a leaf tonight with the guisers and some fireworks. Used the pet calmer for the first time, it is a wonder tonic. She is relaxed and happy. Thanks Darren

Brian Banfield,,, I used the flea shampoo for the ferrets. And nothing works nearly as good (not even the stuff from the vet!!!) They just drop off while being washed!!!

Amanda Watson,,,, the ear tar is fantastic cured my doggies ears within a fortnight previous to that she had been on steroids and lotion from vets numerous times to no avail, thank you Darren Gallagher

Hazel Thomas,,,, Concur with Amanda Watson ! The ear tar is fantastic and has nigh on cured my boxers recurring ear problem . Still have to give it another few treatments but am hopeful for a full cure

Sandra Simper,,,,Dermo shampoo works well for my white bull dogges sensitive skin. Stops itching and soreness

Alison Cribbin,,,, I've used Move well, found a difference in my painfully fingers run out a couple of weeks ago and pain back birch tar soap excellent.I also have had a spray for nits in grand kids hair that worked well it kept then nit free for weeks

Ilona Hodes...... Pet calming drops are the dogs b****ks except I used on 3 mental cats!!! All good.

Gill Hughes Egitto,,,,Ear tar I can highly recommend, waiting for my next delivery and leaving feedback on my new products

Steve Cranmer,,,,,, Ive used 2 of Darrens products both have been brilliant. 1st was ear tar which has worked well on my westies. And the 2nd was a anti mozzy spray for me which has worked better than any of the stuff you buy in camping shops . I can now work in my garden without getting bitten to death by mozzies or whatever eats me when gardening.

Samantha Tate,,,,, Had some itch stop and coal tar soap stopped the dog itching broke the cycle and has never itched again thank you

Julie Ougden,,,,,,, Travel Remedy worked wonders with my dog. We couldn't take him anywhere without him drooling and vomiting. Now we only have to give it him on long journeys and he isn't anxious about getting in the car anymore.

Shweta Naik I love the loofah soaps.

Thank you Darren Gallagher for Nico's pet calmer well chuffed he played with us with his toys and never bothered about fireworks a BIG THANKS WORKED WONDERS CHUFFED keep up the good work love the lavender warming pad too ACE

Sue Murton,,,,, Fantastic, last night! Fireworks started early. Jessica was shaking, gave drops straight in mouth. Within 20 minutes she was eating treats! Put drops in water bowls, and all three were fine. Even went out to wee halfway through evening!!

Andy Gibbs....Just ordered more of your dermo shampoo. After spending hundreds of £££ at the vets with no success tried your dermo shampoo + having amazing results thank you so much what an amazing product

Mary Hall.......I have to say Darren's rose hip ointment has worked wonders for my daughter's eczema. It often gets infected. I would have taken before and after pics but the place she is most effected is on her inner thighs... So out of decency I've not.
Thank you Darren, my little girl is so much happier and more confident as her kind of eczema is really severe. You're ointments have had a huge impact on her in the most positive way!
I would recommend to anyone who's suffering from like skin conditions.
Thanks again Darren.

Lauren Mincher......Darren Gallagher your calmer has worked wonders with my customers dogs tonight! I have my admin Liz horsley with her Akita boy who would ordinarily be chewing through brick and tile to escape the fireworks and my mother Laureen Williams with Staffordshire bull terriers and 2 that are normally very anxious this time of year. I'm sure they will be more than happy to review your product. All flat out and not batting an eyelid with all the noise!

Diane Gardner.....Many thanks for the Tip Top cream. I've tried all sorts to try and heal the sore on my old dog's leg, all to no avail. After two days of Tip Top cream it has healed and the hair has started to grow back. Darren Gallagher you are amazing!

Sharon Tuffnell......I've been using the Move well for a week now and all I can say is WOW, I can move a lot more easily, the morning stiffness is a lot less and I hurt less after training. Thank you very much Darren.

Claire Tudor..........Dear Darren,

I ordered the sleep tincture DRY NIGHTS from you a couple of months ago for my incontinent Old English Sheepdog (9 years old). She has suffered from this and has been leaking since she was 3 years old after being spayed and it really embarasses her. Well after trying everything, I received your sleep tincture and have been using it every day and I must say it is like having a different dog. She is so happy as she is dry and not stinking of wee. I will definitely be ordering this again and I highly recommend it to others. Thank you for giving my dog her confidence back. She is more exicitable and playful than ever!

Sue Murton.............I know I keep going on about it, but the Pet Calmer really is wonderful!!

Last night was the worst one, so far, with very loud bangs very close by. I gave my girls drops by mouth and put some in all water bowls. Not a sign of anxiety from 1800 onwards! At 2100 two of them went out to wee, and at 2230 all went out, and did not rush back. My friend's dog, Freddie, was here for some of the evening, and kept drinking the water. Absolutely fine and calm!!

Thank you Darren. I will keep recommending.

Tim Reed.........Hi Darren I just wanted to say a thank-you for for the Movewell Tincture my Westie Alfie has been on it for four weeks now and it's made a huge difference. Alfie says thanks too.

I've been in pain for 40 years, Move Well for humans, I took the above twice so far and the pain did start to go after 4 days the pain has gone.

Well done the Gallagher's especially Darren, Thank You, from Roy Burnett.

One very happy customer.........

Andrea Valentine Martin-Wright

Dear Darren, thank you so much for the products - our mini dachshund had a back op for a ruptured disc in January and while he is mobile, he was bunny hopping with his back legs instead of trotting, he was still stiff with his back legs - "Patrick" has been getting your Move Well now for less than a week and we had for the first time since January several strides of trot with his back legs - you have no idea how happy this made me this morning!!!!!!!!!

Just wanted the say that I'm telling everyone about your Dermo shampoo . Mr Sweep has no longer got itchy and sore skin and no trips to the vet this year and it's all thanks to you - Ronnie Fortt-Mitchell

Shweta Naik - I have sore knees and Move Well has helped me immensley. I can walk easily downstairs which I couldn't do before I started taking this. It has also helped ease the pain in my wrists from carpal tunnel syndrome.

Sherry Woodcock I'm waiting for my next order to arrive to try the Move Well on myself. Used my 1st bottle on my aged pomeranians who get msm but now needed more help. My 14yr old had been standing with his back humped up and wobbly in his rear. Now he races up the back steps in big leaps and his back is flat again. My little 13yr old has very bowed legs and arthritis. She races around the room with attitude showing she is now feeling quite spritely.