Arthritus and Mobility Problems in Your Pet Natural Assistance

Canine Mobility Problems etc

Does your dog have arthritus or show signs of stiffness through age , possibly had cruciate damage or just plain and simply coming back from injury and you don’t want long term use of Metacam and or Steroids ?
I the Fenland Forager have come up with some Natural solutions for you!

Inflammation: The Real Cause Of Dog Arthritis

We once thought arthritis was the result of wear and tear – but more recent research shows this isn’t the case. Researchers from Stanford University say arthritis may be the result of chronic, low-grade inflammation. In a nutshell, the immune system releases proteins that damage joints – and these proteins also bind to cartilage-producing cells in the joints, causing them to secrete even more of the damaging proteins. This creates a cascade of chronic, low-grade inflammation in the joint … especially if there’s already arthritis.

Low-grade inflammation has been linked not just to arthritis, but virtually every health condition. It’s the one, true cause of most disease. Dr Brent Bauer, director of the Mayo Clinic Complementary and Integrative Medicine Program, says “inflammation appears to play a role in many chronic diseases”

Now you might be thinking “Great, I’ll give my dog anti-inflammatory drugs and the arthritis will go away.” But those drugs won’t address the cause of your dog’s inflammation. And, ironically, new research shows NSAIDs (or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) can cause even more damage to your dog’s joints and soft tissue.

Not all inflammation in the body is a bad thing. If your dog is exposed to viruses or bacteria – or if he hurts himself – then acute inflammation will bring white blood cells to the joint and start the healing process. But chronic inflammation – the kind of inflammation that stays for weeks, months and even years – is the real culprit behind most degenerative and inflammatory health issues in your dog.

Researchers are finding that heart disease can be linked to dental disease. Chronic bladder infections can lead to bladder cancer. And they’re finding that chronic low-grade inflammation is a major driver of joint degeneration.

So let’s take a look at the best ways to fight against the inflammation that can cause and worsen your dog’s arthritis, in the order of importance. The more steps you do, the more your dog will benefit (and not just his joints) …

Vaccines contain foreign animal protein as well as heavy metals like aluminum, which are meant to exaggerate the immune response. This combination wreaks havoc on the immune system and causes chronic inflammation in the gut and the body. Limiting vaccines is an important step in limiting inflammation. (This could be a step in itself – it’s critical to never give an unnecessary vaccine to your dog

Natural Remedies Below


Fenland Forager’s MOVE WELL

A 100% natural tincture that is in a vegetable glycerin base containing the extractions of Comfrey leaf, Devils claw, Burdock, Nettle and Celery seed
Comfrey leaf, dandelion and nettle – to support normal cell renewal plus joint and bone integrity.
Celery seed and burdock root – promotes normal joint and muscular function
Devil’s claw root – used for years to encourage joint mobility and ease of movement.
to see real testimonials from real people on Face Book after using MOVE WELL then have a look here

Golden Oil (liquid golden paste)

A liquid tumeric mix

A remarkably easy and effective way of delivering your pet / horse

Saves time and reduces mess

The perfect balance of oil and curcumin ensuring optimal absorption and effect

Contains tumeric , black pepper , cinnamon bark , ginger, aloe vera coconut oil and rapeseed oil

dosage :

small dog/cat maintainence = 2.5ml daily

med dog maintainence = 5ml daily

Large dog maintainence = 10ml daily

Pony maintainence = 15ml daily

Horse maintainence = 25ml daily

small dog/cat injured / arthritus = 5ml daily

med dog injured / arthritus = 10ml daily

Large dog injured / arthritus = 20ml daily

Pony injured / arthritus= 30ml daily

Horse injured / arthritus = 50ml daily

Fenland Forager’s Pet Tonic Oil

 Promotes a healthy coat and skin, joint mobility, aids metabolism, improves energy levels, emotional stability, provides vitamin C, antioxidants to build muscle and provides trace minerals etc.
People ask why I put rosehip into my Canine Tonic Oil which it has to be said used mainly by those who work their dogs, Rosehips is an excellent source of organic iron compounds and it is higher in Vitamin C than almost any other natural substance. Because the Vitamin C is formed and stored by nature and partnered with Iron, Copper and a trace of Cobalt the Vitamin C is what is termed bio available. This allows it to be absorbed and utilised much more effectively than any manufactured ascorbate Vitamin C. Rosehips therefore supply antioxidant actively to racing canines to assist in clearing the high levels of free radicals generated by 'excessive' physical exercise. Rosehips are also a major Kidney and Adrenal Tonic and an effective Liver Tonic. Rosehips play a major role in kidney rehabilitation and adrenal function. Routine usage will help to rehabilitate kidneys weakened by stress and/or the regular use of electrolytes or diuretics
Contains cod liver oil, Rapes seed oil ,thyme, kelp , vitamin E , siberian ginseng , tumeric and rose hips
For dogs up to 13kg - 1 tsp daily on food, up to 25kg - 1 tbls daily, over 25kg - 2 tbls daily

Filtered Drinking Water

Forget about expensive arthritis medications; the cure for your aching joints may be as simple as a glass of water. Water lubricates and pads joints, relieving stiffness and pain. And filtered water from a quality water purification system removes fluoride, which causes arthritis and osteoporosis.

 CBD can be very effective at relieving the symptoms of joint pain and arthritis.

Studies have shown that CBD can have powerful pain-relieving and anti inflammatory effects, making it a very viable option for treating the symptoms of arthritis.

And just to be clear:

This stuff won’t get your pet “buzzed.”

The compound that causes the psychoactive effects or “marijuana” is THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol.

CBD is a completely different compound that’s safe, reliable and, most importantly, non psychoactive.

In fact, research suggests that CBD may be far better tolerated than other standard medications.

When you take CBD it interacts with the endocannabinoid system (or ECS). All mammals have this system in their bodies.

The system is predominantly made up of 2 types of cannabinoid receptors (known as CB1 and CB2). These receptors are found not only in the brain, but in other places within the body.

By interacting with these receptors, the beneficial effects of CBD are produced.

First and foremost, CBD has been shown to fight inflammation.

Numerous studies on CBD have shown that the compound can reduce inflammation all around the body.

By boosting ECS activity in the body, CBD can help reduce a wide variety of inflammation in organs like the pancreas and lungs, the brain, and, most importantly, the joints.

Most recently, researchers from the University of Kentucky, USA, found similar results using transdermal CBD gels in 2016.

After inducing arthritis in rats, the researchers treated the animals with varying strengths of CBD gels for 4 consecutive days.

The results from the study showed that CBD helped reduce swelling in the affected joints and reduced inflammation.

Moreover, the study also showed that CBD helped reduce signs of pain in the rats.


Small Golden Paste Sausages (50 per bag)

We are now pleased to introduce our new Golden Paste Sausages, with (tumeric, flaxseed and black pepper) They also contain over 70% Chicken making them tasty and functional.

If you haven't already heard, it is commonly claimed some of the beneficial characteristics of turmeric are;
  • anti-inflammatory (helps with joints);
  • Good for Skin and Coat;
  • detoxifier;
  • helps with gastric issues;
  • antioxidant;
  • antibacterial;
  • pain reliever;
  • antiseptic (wounds);
Tumeric leaves the body quite fast, therefore feeding in smaller, more frequent amounts can be useful.


Chicken 70%, cereals, minerals. Golden Paste (Turmeric, Black Pepper and Flaxseed)

Analytical Constituents:

Protein 20.8%
Fat 20.1%
Fibre 0.9%
Ash 5.9%
Moisture 18.2%

Cut pieces of beef trachea. A great chew and a natural source of glucosamine which helps to keep your dogs joints healthy.

These treats are suitable for dogs of all sizes, however we recommend that for small to medium sized dogs wait until over 12 weeks of age.. Please ensure you supervise at all times when feeding air dried treats, this is purely for your pets safety.  

Compostion - 100% Beef Trachea
Moisture 14.8%, Protein 35.7%, Fat 44.0%, Fibre 2.0%, Inorganic Matter 2.2%


Fishcake Bites with Turmeric

* Turmeric aids joint mobility

* Supports healthy skin and coat

* Grain free and hypo-allergenic

* 100% Natural

These irresistible biscuits are made with fresh whitefish and tantalizing turmeric for a crunchy treat that your dog will not be able to resist.

 These treats are ideal for any size dog.

Crunchy whitefish treats packed with natural goodness to promote the health and wellbeing of your dog.

Our Biscuits are only made from fresh whitefish – not fish meal.


100% Natural Ingredients. No artificial colours, additives or preservatives.

  • -Wheat, Grain, Soya and Dairy Free
  • - Natural source of essential fatty acids
  • - Hypoallergenic supporting dogs with sensitive tummies
  • - Supports healthy skin and coat condition
  • - Supports healthy joints
  • - Sustainably sourced with full traceability
  • - Soothes itchy and dry skin


Whitefish (Min 60%), Potato, Turmeric

Analytical Constituents:

Crude Protein: 23.7%,
Crude Oil & Fat: 0.5%,
Crude Ash: 1.8%,
Crude Fibres: 0.8%.

Poultry Necks

A Natural Source of Glucosamine and Chondroitin


Irregular shape and size, very hard

contain naturally large amounts of glucosamine

fat free

Beef Tendon Dog Treats provide a clean long lasting chew that will keep them busy for hours, while it keeps their teeth clean and healthy

Beef Tendons are all natural, nothing added, just 100% Tendon. No preservatives, additives, colours.


Crunchy fish treats packed with natural goodness to promote the health and wellbeing of your dog. Small - Med breeds

100% natural healthy and nutritious Fish Jerky Crunchies (medium) for your dog, ideal size for training or as a small reward.

No additives or preservatives – 100 % natural ingredients!

Size Guide: These treats are on average approximately 25mm to 40mm square. They are a natural product so actual size may vary.

Feeding Guidelines: Feed as a treat or reward in between your dog’s normal meals as part of a balanced diet.Not suitable for puppies under 14 weeks old. Please ensure a bowl of fresh water is always available.

Composition: 100% Whitefish Skins.

Analytical Constituents (%): Protein: 84.4%, Crude Oil & Fat: 0.3%, Crude Ash: 17%, Crude Fibres: 9.2%.

Chicken Feet 

Chicken Feet


a great tasty natural treats for dogs or cats ideal for dogs with sprains and or arthritus due to the high levels of natural glucosamine