Crab Apple Gin / Vodka

If you’re a fan of sloe gin, make this. So intense is the appliness of crab apples, you’ll end up with a deliciously golden liqueur incredibly rich in taste. Perfect for a cold winter’s evening , or when out in the cold walking the dogs


Fill a large preserving jar ¾ with crab apples. Pour sugar over and add gin or vodka. Add any remaining crab apples to the top and seal. Steep for one to two months. Turning the jar daily for the first week and now and then afterwards.

Strain liqueur through two or three layers of muslin and decant into a bottle. Leave for another month or so (or as long as you can bear).


30 to 40 crab apples (washed and halved)

1 litre gin or vodka

200g caster sugar