What are the best ways to make yourself burp?

Burping is one of the simplest ways to relieve bloating. It helps remove gas discomfort and can be triggered on demand.

Burping is also known as belching. It involves the release of gas from the digestive tract to the mouth. Burps occur when air is swallowed while eating or drinking and is then expelled.

The air that is released is a mixture of oxygen and nitrogen.

Fast facts on how to make yourself burp:

  • The inability to burp is uncommon, but some healthy people are unable to do it.
  • Burping can reduce gas and abdominal discomfort.
  • Most people experience gas after eating and release it through belching or flatulence.

What is the inability to burp?

Man covering his mouth while burping

Not being able to burp happens when the upper esophageal sphincter temporarily loses its ability to release air.

The upper esophageal sphincter is a muscular valve surrounding the upper part of the esophagus (food pipe) just below the throat passage.

The sphincter muscle relaxes during swallowing, but the rest of the time, it contracts. When a person burps, the sphincter muscle needs to relax momentarily to allow air to escape.

It is important for the sphincter muscle to let go downwards for swallowing. It is also important that the sphincter muscle releases air upwards during burping.

Not being able to burp can make a person feel miserable. It may feel as if an air bubble is sitting at the sphincter muscle with no place to go. The inability to burp may be painful, and cause abdominal pain and bloating.

Methods to trigger burping

When triggered, burping can bring about relaxation and make a person feel better quickly.

1. Carbonated beverages

Soda, beer, and other carbonated beverages are bubbly and gassy. Drinking any carbonated beverage causes gas buildup in the stomach, triggers a burp, and relieves abdominal pain.

Sipping the beverage is not enough. It is important to drink a large amount quickly to force swallowing of more air and increase the chance of a burp.

2. Movement

Movement can put pressure on the air in the stomach and force it upward, potentially causing a person to burp. If a person is sitting, they should stand. If they are standing, they should sit. Lying down and quickly standing up is another option.

Other times, more action is needed. Walking, jogging, jumping up and down, or stretching may push air out of the stomach.

3. Eat gas-promoting foods

Apples and pears in a bowl
Apples and pears may build up gas in the stomach, creating pressure that may encourage burping.

Eating gas-promoting foods can help build up gas pressure in the stomach, resulting in a burp after consumption. Foods that may promote belching include:

  • some fruits, including apples, pears, and peaches
  • carrots
  • boiled sweets
  • chewing gum
  • whole grain bread

4. Antacids

Chewable calcium carbonate supplements, such as Tums and Rolaids, are designed to relieve acid ingestion. Burping is an unexpected side effect of antacids.

Antacids are available for purchase over the counter or online.
Mixing some liquorice root powder or ginger in hot water and drinking

5. Forcing air

Forcing air into your throat is one way to get the sphincter muscle to contract.

First, suck in air into the mouth to the point of expanding the jaws and throat. A person should keep sucking air this way until an air bubble forms in the throat.

The next step is to block the mouth with the tongue by touching the top of the month with the tongue. Next, release the air by slowly lowering the tongue and parting lips.

6. Swallowing air

Swallowing air is another way to induce a burp, and it is easy to do. Exhale until the lungs are empty. Then breathe in deeply and hold for as long as possible. Exhale and inhale again, and swallow the air.

Drinking a glass of water or pinching the nose can make this even easier.

7. Triggering the gag reflex

Triggering the gag reflex can force a burp, but it should be considered as a last resort. A person can trigger a burp by touching the back of their mouth with a clean finger. The touch should be light and only enough to release air upwards.

The goal is only to burp, not to vomit. Too much force can cause vomiting, so it is important to be gentle.