10 ml Grapefruit Essential Oil


Grapefruit Essential Oil: Uses, Benefits, and Precautions

Grapefruit essential oil (Citrus x paradisi), a lesser used but very potent and therapeutic oil, is created by cold-pressing the rind of the fruit to extract the oil. There's a reason eating a grapefruit for breakfast was a long-time weight loss fad. The oils in this fruit are incredibly beneficial to the metabolism. The aroma of the oil is clean, fresh, a little bitter, and of course, citrusy. (Hooda thunk it?)

This oil has been reported to increase your energy levels with its uplifting scent, giving you more energy and stamina, and helping you increase your activity levels. It supports cleansing of the system from the inside-out. And it increases your overall system, helping to return your body to its optimal health.

Primary Benefits


  • Cleanses and purifies
  • Beneficial for oily skin issues
  • Supports healthy metabolism
  • Helps reduce mental and physical fatigue


Emotional Benefits

In addition to the physical support grapefruit offers, the emotional and spiritual support of this oil coincide beautifully. The aromatic effects include support of one's own sense of self-love and approval, especially in regards to loving and honoring our bodies. It can help a person hold their body in gratitude for all it does, treat it with honor and care, and therefore encourage healthy habits out of a sense of love, instead of self-hatred.

Likewise, as with all citrus oils, it has an uplifting aroma which may help with feelings of anxiousness, bad moods, or stress, all of which impact our hormones and thus our weight. But it does so from a place of integrity and confidence, not self-loathing a belief we are not good enough as we are.

Complimentary Oils

Grapefruit essential oil blends well with: BasilFrankincense, Ylang Ylang, GeraniumLavender, PeppermintRosemary, and Bergamot essential oils. 

Depending on your uses for this oil, substitutes may include: BasilOrangePeppermintBergamot, or Lemon essential oils. 

Precautions of Grapefruit Essential Oil

As with all citrus essential oils, avoid contact with direct sunlight for 12+ hours after use. Grapefruit is said to NOT interfere with prescription drugs (particularly statin drugs) that interact poorly with the fruit or juice of grapefruit, but it's still advised to consult with or notify your doctor. Always test for skin sensitivity prior to widespread use and use on the feet when possible. Excessive use of any oil can lead to skin sensitization. Keep out of eyes, ears, or nose. Not all oils are created equal, so test brands carefully, and never use an oil in a way not recommended by its maker.

Popular Uses of Grapefruit Essential Oil


  • Diffuse to sharpen focus while studying or reading.
  • Apply to insect bites or minor irritations. For sensitive skin, dilute with fractionated coconut oil.
  • Apply to fatigued or sore muscles and joints.
  • Diffuse or apply topically to help clear congested areas.
  • For performance Stress, add to bath water, drop several drops in your water, diffuse, or massage over the solar plexus to balance the sense of self.
  • Add 2-3 drops to a glass of water after a night drinking to support the detoxification systems of the body.


Inspiration for Using Grapefruit Essential Oil

Invigorating Body Scrub: Mix together; 125ml of Fractionated Coconut Oil, 175g of  Brown Sugar, 10 drops Peppermint Oil, 25 drops Grapefruit Oil. Store in air tight glass container.

Spring diffuser blend: 1 drop Geranium, 2 drops Lemon, 1 drop Grapefruit essential oils.

Romantic Bath: Mix 10 drops each Ylang Ylang and Geranium essential oils along with 15 drops Grapefruit essential oil into  125g of Epsom salt. Pour under running hot water. Dissolve salt completely before bathing. Soak 15-30 minutes