Birch Tar Solid Shampoo - for humans and pets


Perfect for a dry itchy scalp and all skin problems - can be used as an all over soap and shampoo

This shampoo/soap contains no synthetic surfactants or mono propylene glycol like the other birch tar soaps on here so is even better for you

An old, traditional recipe made here in the UK the birch tar is from natural dry distilation process . It contains no artificial colours or fragrance additives and has a smokey charred wood scent naturally

Soap specially designed for washing and skin care of the whole body. Especially recommended for people with skin problems: seborrhea, acne, psoriasis, ring worm , scabies , fungal infections , athletes foot etc

The active ingredient - birch tar, improves blood circulation, tones up the irritated skin, normalizes the activity of the sebaceous glands, reduces itching, antiseptic, speeds up the healing of minor wounds and scratches.

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