Break Stick + Lanyard + clip


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Break Sticks with lanyard & clip 
It's not your dog that's the problem its other peoples but do the right thing , if you have a strong dog and are a responsible owner you will carry one at all times when out with your dog.
see video link on how to use
If you have a Bullbreed or a reactive dog, are a dog trainer or rescuer a breaking stick is a recommended piece of equipment to have on hand, it is probably the most effective and humane way to pry open a determined dogs jaw.
This break stick dog is used to open the jaws of dogs that are biting some person or another animal that is in excrutiating pain. Strong handle allows the tug of war, you can wrestle with the dog jaws. It improves the dog's firm grip.
Break Sticks or parting sticks are used to pry open the jaws of stubborn biters. It is placed behind the molars and rotated to open the dogs jaws without causing injury. If you have a dog aggressive canine (especially Terriers), or if you are a dog trainer, you should have one of these break sticks handy.
High quality break stick dog fight crafted by a hand, precise human work guaranteed sturdiness, so the bite tug lasts long even if it's used for a heavy-duty training with the dog.
Very strong break stick dog training toy dog chew toys, that's durable and tough, makes it a bite challenge for the dogs and releases their higher prey drive. Bite tug for the dog training, obedience, dog sports and just fun