Contains ionic Colloidal Silver at 30PPM. This clear Colloidal Silver has a lower percentage of silver nanoparticles & a higher percentage of Ionic silver than True Amber solutions & is useful for generally antibacterial spraying.  This product should not be ingested.

This is a lightweight Amber PET bottle which has a high capacity 250ml bottle and is light to use and reduces wrist fatigue when spraying for long periods.

NOTE: The trigger spray has an anti-leak locking mechanism and will need to be unlocked after transport. This is either a small tab under the spray nozzle or a locking pin on the neck.

Safety Advice – This product contains our 30PPM True Amber Colloidal Silver that has been tested by Eurofin Laboratories & assessed by Plymouth University for nanomaterial characterisation & batch consistency, as required by EC1223/2009. We are the ONLY company in Europe that has carried out this level of testing.