Dried Cows Ears with Hair (Fat free treat & natural de-wormer)


100% Dried Cows Ears. Extra Large Cows Ears With Meat, 100% Natural Traditional Dog Treat Chew. Gluten & Grain Free, a great low odour, less greasy, less messy, leaner alternative to the popular pigs' ears. Perfectly air-dried, Easily digestible & a clean odourless treat to have in the house. Also helps with dental hygiene. Suitable for all dogs, Long-lasting, our XL Cow Ears have the meaty root intact making them irresistible to most dogs. Responsibly sourced from Europe

A healthy alternative to pigs’ ears that’s low in fat. Aids as a natural de-wormer whilst being low in odour and non-greasy.

  • Low in odour
  • Aids as a natural de-wormer
  • Natural aid for expressing anal glands
  • Low in fat

100% cow ear.

Typical Analysis

Crude protein 54.6%, crude fat 6.4%, moisture 6%, ash 1.8%.