Golden Oil 500ml


A liquid tumeric mix 

A remarkably easy and effective way of delivering your pet / horse

Saves time and reduces mess

The perfect balance of oil and curcumin ensuring optimal absorption and effect

Contains tumeric , black pepper , cinnamon bark , ginger, aloe vera coconut oil and rapeseed oil

dosage : 
small dog/cat maintainence = 2.5ml daily
med dog maintainence = 5ml daily
Large dog maintainence = 10ml daily
Pony maintainence = 15ml daily
Horse maintainence = 25ml daily

small dog/cat injured / arthritus = 5ml daily
med dog injured / arthritus = 10ml daily
Large dog injured / arthritus = 20ml daily
Pony injured / arthritus= 30ml daily 
Horse injured / arthritus = 50ml daily