Midi Munch Box (Natural Dog Treats for Small-Medium Breeds)


10 Dried Sprats
1 x Natural Roe Deer Leg
1 x Calcium Bone (deer shank)
1 x Cheese Filled Cows Hoof
1 x 6" Piece of Trachea
1 x Bully Snout
1 x Pork Rind Roll
3 x Dried Chicken Feet
3 x Dried Chicken Necks
1 x Wild Boar Tail
1 x Porky Bite (Dried Pig Ear Muscle)
50g Dried Liver
High quality and natural treats are hypo-allergenic and contribute to better digestion, lower risk of diseases, strong immunity, increased energy and activity cleaner teeth - leading to overall good physical and mental health. Chewing is known to act as a mental stimulator for dogs, so it's better they chew on good things!