Mobility / Movement Natural treat Box & 50ml Movewell


Does your dog have ARTHRITUS OR MOBILITY PROBLEMS or suffer from ALLERGIES ?
Dog Treats with Medical Benefits + Move well Tincture
Great for dogs suffering from gluten/skin allergies
All of these products are high in Glucosamine and Chondotrin which are medically used for arthritus and joint pain
All naturally air dried dogs go made for these treats , no nasty benefits and virtually fat free.
300g Beef Trachea
250g Turkey Necks
10 x Chicken Feet
100g Duck Feet
1 x Pig Trotter
50ml Movewell

A tincture of herbs specifically to support muscles and joints.  

Particularly handy for your pet coming back after injury as a complimentary item.
Can aid arthritus in dogs and other mobility problems

Anti inflammatory

Supports the joint structure
Aids recovery after exercise
Neutralise free radicals produced during intense activity, helping to maintain mobility long-term.
Helps reduce soft tissue injury

Contains  distilled water, Glycerin , Comfrey leaf, Devils claw, Burdock, Nettle and Celery seed

50ml (1000+ drops) upto 60lb 10 drops twice daily, over 60lb 20 drops twice daily, over 100lbs 25 drops twice daily