Preg Oil (pregnant bitch suppliment) 500ml


If you are planning on mating your bitch give her this Natural suppliment as soon as you spot her season (ideally give just before expected season) , and continue giving to her right through to weaning of the puppies.
The complete balance of vitamins & minerals in PREG OIL helps to ensure your bitch has optimum nutrition, thus helping to prevent any problems relating to infertility. These advantages will help to ensure a succesfull conception, as well as a smooth pregnancy and easy whelping

  • Tones the smooth muscles of the uterus
  • Supports the reproductive system and helps complete evacation of the placentas
  • Helps ease the birthing stress
  • The probiotics help balance the digestive system
  • Serves as an essential antioxidant.  improves the immune system of your dog, balances her kidney function .
  • Plays an important role in repairing cell damage and promoting overall healing
  • It has been carefully incorporated with some of the best ingredients that include Omega-3, 6 and 9 fatty acids, vitamins, minerals
  • The pure cranberry content of this supplement helps in flushing out harmful bacteria and promotes a healthy bladder and urinary tract

dosage = 2ml per 5kg body weight upto a maximum daily intake of 20ml