Organic Hand Harvested Irish Seaweed, Ground Linseed and Yea Sacc, Brewers Yeast  Sprinkle Daily on your dog or cats main meal.


Supports a healthy digestive system

Natural Probiotic

Source of dietary fibre

Rich source of minerals including iron and iodine

Organic Seaweed is sustainably hand harvested from the pristine waters that surround the rugged west coast of Ireland. For 2000 years the Irish have used sea vegetables to support the health and nutrition of their animals and Fenland Forager have now created their own brand of super supplements. Seaweed is considered to be one of the most nutrient rich plants on the earth. It is an excellent source of organic materials, vitamins and amino acids.


Composition 60% Organic Hand Harvested Irish Seaweed, 20% Ground Linseed, 10% Yea Sacc, 10% Brewers Yeast

Analytical Constituents (%)

Protein – 15.5%
Crude Oil and Fat – 10.4%
Crude Ash – 14.2%
Crude Fibre – 9.4%

Feeding Guideline 

Sprinkle daily on your dog or cats main meal. Daily suggested use:

Animal WeightAmount
1kg - 4kg¼ teaspoon
4kg – 9kg½ teaspoon
9kg – 22kg1 teaspoon
22kg – 40kg2 teaspoons
40kg+3 teaspoons