Rare Japanese Matatabi Chew / Play Sticks x 5 for cats



Matatabi is a deciduous shrub growing on the edge of streams in Japan.
Cats love it as it has a similar effect to catnip but it is stronger and sweeter.

Cats love playing with the sticks and the chewing can also help with dental hygiene.
The Japanese use Matatabi as an alternative to Catnip

The Chinese use Matatabi in traditional medicine for pain control, as a tonic and for rheumatism

(no medicinal claims are implied with the sale of these sticks and are sold purely for your cats enjoyment)


Usage: 2-3 times per week, 1 stick per time. After using some time, you can peel off the outer layer to recover the function

This chew stick is suitable for most cats, but there are a few exceptions due to different intestinal absorption of different cats.