Scram - kills fleas, and a wide range of crawling insects - and natural wormer


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Scram Powder is a natural organic powder which is free from pesticides and kills most crawling insects by dessication. Can be used to kill a range of crawling insects including ants, bed bugs, fleas, cockroaches, woodlice and more.  

A blend of Clove powder, Wormwood Powder and Diatomaceous earth.   DE on its own only kills adult worms when used as a wormer, this blend kills all three stages of growth.

For worms - lightly cover food mix in and feed for 5-10 days in a row then repeat every 10-12 weeks

for external use on domestic animals to repell / kill fleas and other ectoparasites (ticks, mites). The powder is ready for use and does not need to be washed out. Distribute  through your pet's fur. In severe cases, repeat the use after two to three days. Precautionary use can be carried out every 14 days.

- Purely natural with no chemical additives
- To repell / kill fleas and other ectoparasites
- In a practical powder form