Sea Clay Face Mask


Category SKIN CARE

Fenland Forager's SEA CLAY FACE MASKS
100 grams
tip approx a tsp into a cup and add water or floral water mix into a paste and apply to face , leave to dry then rinse of with cold water and pat face dry, then moisturise.

It has a deep cleansing action, removes dead skin cells, absorbs impurities, excess sebum & oils to keep the skin smooth, fresh & radiant.

Helps restore the skins pH balance, also really good for treating leg ulcers

Sea clay is supplied in its natural dried form and can be used as a poultice for application to muscles, joints, sprains, slight wounds, infections, minor burns and much more.

Used in a general bath or a foot bath, clays act as a very effective detoxifying remedy. 

Used as a vaginal douche, it can help with many problems including Candida.

Used over hemorrhoids, clay helps heal them quickly.

Used over skin conditions - acne, eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, illite clay draws toxins out and promotes healing. It is a Godsend for oily, problem skin - with its purifying, drying action.

Used over burns /sunburn, cold clay compresses are the fastest healing and pain relieving remedy which helps regeneration of tissue and prevents formation of scars.

Tense over-worked muscles – clay poultices/wraps will draw the lactic acid and relax the muscle.

Cuts, bruises & abrasions – the clay’s absorptive, antiseptic, antibacterial and haemostatic qualities support the body’s natural curative abilities and greatly reduce healing time.

It's possible to find bits that are not so fine in some packs. This is a perfectly normal situation due to it's natural processing and refining process, which the producer prefers to keep it to a minimum to ensure the purest properties of the clay - That's also the reason why you don't get any scent or extra coloration, as often green clays are mixed with other minerals and chemicals to enhance it's properties.