Seaweed & Parsley Sprinkles 400g


Category Pet Products

A great natural product to boost the immune system for cats and dogs and also great for plaque prevention

it is simply sprinkled on to your dog's dinner. It is designed to maintain your dog's oral health and eliminate bad breath.

The daily amount fed is tiny so the 150g pack should last an average sized dog (Border Collie) over 6 months. 

Our Seaweed & Parsley Sprinkles are designed to be added to your dogs normal meal as a great natural supplement.

We use organic hand-harvested Irish Seaweed 


  • Seaweed
  • Parsley

Directions for use:

  • Small dogs and cats - one third a level tsp
  • Medium dogs - half a level tsp
  • Large dogs - 1 level tsp

Country of Origin: UK