CBD For Cats, Dogs and other Pets.

CBD For Cats, Dogs and other Pets.
A product that we are very passionate about is our CBD Oil for pets. As Dog, and Cat owners ourselves, we see the benefit of a CBD product that is specifically designed for household animals. CBD in pets has been found to have the same health and well-being effects as it does for humans. So here is all the information you need if you think CBD Oil is the right supplement for your pet.
How will CBD help my Pet?
Well, in humans CBD is a promoter of health and well-being. Research into the effects of CBD in humans shows that it interacts with the Endo cannabinoid System (ECS), a part of our central nervous system which deals with health and bodily repair. Household pets like Dogs and Cats have been found to share 70% of our biological homology, and therefore, CBD reacts the same way in pets and all other mammals. A recent study has found that the receptors in dogs, in particular, creates a longer-lasting therapeutic effect without toxic side effects. There are studies that show the effects of mammals only- so please avoid feeding your goldfish CBD or speak to a pet professional if you are concerned!

CBD for Cats
For anyone who owns a cat, we know that they are extremely independent. It often feels like my cat owns me, rather than the other way around. Often my cat leaves the house and doesn't come back for hours or sometimes days. He is out on a crazy adventure in the neighbourhood.

Due to their outgoing and adventurous nature, older cats are very prone to certain chronic illnesses such as arthritis, dental disease, cancer, hyperthyroidism, kidney disease and a plethora of other painful debilitating conditions. CBD for cats has been associated with innumerable health and well-being benefits and the reduction of pain due to the way CBD interacts with the Endo Cannabinoid system. For many of our customers with sick cats, the CBD for cats has made a visible difference to the condition and life quality of the animal. Always visit a professional Vet if your pet is sick and before you use any health supplement, but CBD for cats might be a great aid to their pain reduction and recovery.

CBD for Dogs
CBD for Dogs is renowned for having a profound and visible soothing effect. It is predominantly used as a natural remedy to soothe anxiety, thunderstorm and firework fears, plus long-distance travel restlessness. We all know that the 5th of November is the worst day of the year for a dog. The loud bangs and flashing lights may be over exciting for some dogs and terrifying for others (leaving them shaking uncontrollably under your bed). Because CBD Oil for dogs is very effective in relieving symptoms of stress and anxiety, it can be a really great natural remedy for firework terror.

Like humans, dogs are prone to health issues such as:

Chronic Pain
Appetite and Digestive issues
Skin Problems
Joint and Mobility Problems

A dog isn't just a pet- most of the time they become part of the family. As a dog gets sick (or simply older) it is heartbreaking to see them becoming less mobile due to painful stiff joints and ligament damage. We know that feedback (from our family, friends and long-time customers) has confirmed that CBD oil for dogs has helped their pets through debilitating illnesses and has helped improve a sickly or old dog's quality of life. There may never be a substitute for conventional drugs, however, CBD for dogs can certainly be a supplement to aid recovery and relinquish suffering.

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