The Truth about FUR BENEFITS as a dog treat

We are seeing a great rise in natural dried dog treats with fur being recommended as a treat and into your dogs diet, and quite rightly so.

Seeing the fur intact might take some people a little getting used too and seem pretty gross to some (but not your dog) bits of ears, faces, hooves etc lying around your home or in your dog bed can take a little getting used to.

No matter what you feed your dog , kibble , cold pressed, tinned, raw there's a great chance they are not getting enough organic roughage in your dogs diet. Adding in whole prey items such as ears, snouts skin , hooves etc allows us the opportunity to incorperate, nutritional, cognitive and dental benefits that these provide into a modern canine diet.

From a nutritional perspective add important fiberous material into your dogs meals. Dogs aren't really designed to eat carbohydrates they can but they process them very poorly and they don't need loads of fibre in their diet despite what the layman tells you. Naturally in the past/wild this function would have been fufilled by all the interesting things they ate such as hooves, bones and fur. 

Well as you can see there are several good reason for giving FUR to your dogs the most common reason and most misleading benefits being spouted usually by uneducated un-qualified owners of raw suppliers to the public from the rise of raw food shops appearing is that it frees your dog of worms and people believe they will never have to worm their dogs again NOT TRUE , let me say this , just because say your groomer has started selling RAW it doesn't mean they are educated in RAW here is an example , I can drive a car but that doesn't make me a mechanic. Fur in the case of worms ONLY helps express some adult tape worms, and it doesn't help prevent them, or hook worms, whip worms , round worms and lung worm for that there are many natural wormers out there that you can give your dog alongside such as Fenland Foragers Complex Wormer

Fur in the diet as well as acting like a broom in their digestive system; sweeping out waste, bulking stools and expressing the anal glands; fur also provide some important nutrients, like manganese. Dried treats like furry ears also provide great dental health benefits. This is incredibly beneficial for dogs that eat highly processed food such as kibble as dental disease is extremely common and can lead to lots of health problems throughout life.

The chewing and gnawing that NATURAL TREATS  required to consume them coupled with the bristly fur on them clean their teeth as they are chewing strengthen gums (help prevent bad breath) and prevent plaque build up. Lastly chewing helps stimulate a dog mentally they don't just chew on a treat they actually think about what they are doing and how to get through it ,thats why all dogs and puppies seem so happy when chewing as they are mentally stimulated and its often a safety blanket a stressed dog will often pick up a treat or bone and retreat to a quiet place to have a good chew.
Chewing different natural items is great cognitive exercise , all the different textures, hardness, flavours and can lead to calmer, happier dogs with a much better disposition